How to Quickly Learn a Language Before Your Trip

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Are you planning an adventure abroad? If so, knowing the basics of the language of your destination can be an invaluable asset. There are plenty of tips and tricks to help you quickly learn the basics before your trip, such as using online resources, watching television shows in that language, and using flashcards. Here’s a closer look at how to learn a new language for your upcoming travels!

Online Resources

The internet is full of fantastic resources for learning new languages. Many websites offer lessons on grammar and syntax, audio clips to help with pronunciation, and even practice exercises. Even better, many of these websites are free or require only a minimal fee to access their extensive library of materials. For example, websites like Duolingo and Babbel offer comprehensive courses that make it easy to get started learning a new language in no time.

Watching Television Shows

Want to feel like a native speaker? Watching TV shows and movies in the language you’re trying to learn is one of the most fun ways to pick up basic phrases and slang while also getting comfortable with hearing conversational speech in that language. You don’t need subtitles—just try your best! Streaming services such as Netflix have thousands of series available in multiple languages from all over the world. YouTube also has plenty of content in different languages if you want something shorter than a full-length movie or series episode.


Flashcards are not just for tests; they can also be useful for learning foreign languages fast! Writing out key words or phrases on cards helps reinforce what you already know as well as teach yourself new vocabulary words or expressions quickly. Flashcards allow you to take them anywhere with you, too; perfect for when you have free time during travel days or waiting for flights at airports around the world!

Learning a new language can seem daunting but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming – there are plenty of ways make it easier and more enjoyable! With online resources, television shows and movies in that language, and flashcards handy wherever you go – travelers everywhere can master another language before their next trip abroad! So grab some flashcards (or create digital ones) and start learning today – happy travels!

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